Reasons to be Cheerful (1 2 3)

The cause: just one of those days.

The symptoms: knackered, stressed up and distinctly grouchy.

The sideffects: being unnecessarily tetchy with Mr TLC. This is very, very bad. Mr TLC is lovely and is almost never tetchy with me.

The cure:
1. Finding a link to Tom Lehrer’s elements song. (Thank you Neil H of Dogwood Tales!)

There is of course a distinct possibilty that Mr TLC would have prefered me to remain grouchy rather than having to endure my enthusiastic and tuneless singalong, particularly since he was watching the news at the time, but I enjoyed myself. Fortunately for me Mr TLC didn’t complain (I told you he’s lovely), but I decided to retreat upstairs before my singing drove him to despair.

2. Seeing this on Flickr.
I suspect I’m the last person in the world to be greeted in Lolcat Lolspeak by Flickr, but it was a first for me. Very funny. (Or should that say lol?)

3. Finding The Laughing Gnome on YouTube…
… then making very bad gnome-related jokes all evening. Well, if you can’t make bad jokes at gnome, where can you?

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