Rambling On

Information Commons IIWhat I did today:

I wondered why we have so many clocks in our house (as I put all 10 million of them forward one hour).
I went for a walk, just a bit of an urban ramble really.
I ate ice-cream in Weston Park.
I went on the trail of Sheffield’s industrial heritage.
I took about a zillion photos.

Oh and then I went to The Moon! Really! (I have a feeling that I’m going to overuse that line in the next few days.)

Finally I drank some very nice beer, which turned out to be rather strong (11%, blimey – I ought to pay more attention when I’m ordering!), so the walk home seemed rather long.

More about this (and The Moon!) over the next couple of days, in the meantime I’ll leave you to admire my attempt at an arty photo of the Information Commons. Please note: I took that shot before I drank the beer, it’s arty.

No offisher, I am not drunkth. I alwayzh talk like thish.

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