A Spring in my Step

Sheffield is looking so beautiful today, I couldn’t resist taking a few photos. I love all the spring flowers and blossom that are starting to appear.

According to local legend, John Betjeman once described Broomhill, in the south west of Sheffield, where these photos were taken, as “the prettiest suburb in England” (although given his opinions on suburbia, this may not have been a resounding compliment!). Perhaps he saw it on a day like this.

It’s very cold outside because there is a strong, bitterly cold wind, but the sun is shining and we have blue skies. A perfect day for a walk.

Spring is in the Air Spring Blossom

(Oh and as for that “significant snow event” that Mr TV Weatherman was rattling on about – we did see a couple of flurries of snow, but only because we were up early. It was more of a significant no event.)

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