A Trip to The Moon

The MoonDuring my school holidays I visited somewhere just because I thought it sounded cool, but because I have been dashing around like a lunatic and moonlighting as a joiner I have been a bit short on time and I completely failed to tell you about it.

Where did I go? I went to The Moon! No, not that Moon, this Moon. Yes, I really took a trip to The Moon! How many people can say they’ve done that?

The Moon is a rather nice pub in Upperthorpe, Sheffield. It actually opened many moons ago, but we only visit this area once in a blue moon, so it’s taken us a while to get around to a Moon landing.

The Moon is owned by the Abbeydale Brewery. It used to be called The Office, but the name was changed when Abbeydale took over. It has a sister pub, The Rising Sun (which has retained its original name). Ah, I get it.

Abbeydale Brewery produce a range of real ales and unsurprisingly The Moon has plenty of them available. When we visited 8 out of the 10 hand-pulled beers on offer were Abbeydale brews, with a couple of guest beers from other breweries.

The Man in the MoonI foolishly just read the descriptions and started (rather inappropriately) with a half pint of Last Rites, simply because it sounded nice. It was nice, but it was also exceptionally strong at 11%. Blimey, I must pay more attention in future. Mr TLC was tempted by Bee Ale Z Bub; a pun so bad that the barman in The Moon felt the need to apologise for it. Of course he didn’t realise that we were only there to try to out-pun each other.
“Look at that moon light,” I said, pointing at the ceiling.
“Listen, they’re playing some moon rock,” retorted Mr TLC
“It’s not a full Moon is it, it’s pretty quiet in here, but it is Sunday afternoon.”
“Are you saying there’s no atmosphere in here?”
Shameless, we were.

Despite the fact that we only really visited for the name, I rather liked it there. We spent a pleasant couple of hours trying various Abbeydale brews. The beer was nice, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere in the pub was very relaxed. The only disadvantage for us is the location: it’s only about 30 minutes walk from our house, but that was a long moon walk uphill after I had recklessly drunk excessively strong beer in the middle of the afternoon.

2 comments to A Trip to The Moon

  • The Rising Sun…is that on the way out to Bamford? If it is, it used to have a swimming pool and as a kid (so we are talking 30+ years ago) we would go for lunch every two months on a Sunday. Meeting my dad on the way back from his golf.

    I hated that pool! It was always full of old plasters floating on the surface. Can’t comment on the beer as I was a bit too young.

  • Tough question – I didn’t know the answer anyway. It isn’t the same Rising Sun apparently, the one with the pool is remebered by other people here
    on the Sheffield forum.

    I think they seem to have fonder memories of it than you. Maybe rose tinted nostalgia glasses are at work!