Watch out – there's a thief about!

There have been a few mysterious thefts from my classroom. Apparently this has been going on for some time, but I only found out about it today.

There is a large storage cupboard in my classroom that I let my form group use to store their PE kit, books, enormous art folders and anything else that they don’t want to cart around school all day. My form are immensely proud of this cupboard, particularly since I painted it in “cool” colours a year or so ago. Most form groups don’t have their own locker, in fact some don’t have any space at all in their form rooms to store personal belongings. My class take great care both of their locker and of its contents.

Unfortunately some of the contents have proved a bit too tempting for someone. This came to light this afternoon, when Alison arrived to collect her PE kit from the cupboard. “I don’t believe it,” she exclaimed, “Someone’s nicked my bag again!”

At first I thought she meant that someone had pilfered her bag, complete with her PE kit etc, but no, our resident thief had in fact simply helped themselves to the bag and left the contents behind. Basically, someone is stealing plastic carrier bags. The type that shops give away for free. How totally bizarre.

According to Alison, some bags (particularly those from Republic and JD Sports) are more desirable than others. Since she only shops in Temples of Cool, her kit bags seem to be a regular target. Actually, I think that she was just annoyed about being left to struggle with loose kit and happily accepted a replacement from my very uncool emergency carrier bag stash.

What kind of person would steal carrier bags? We have constructed a psychological profile of the culprit: we think they are barking mad. I’m not sure that will help us to apprehend this master criminal though.


I made Blue Witch laugh! A most unexpected trophy, thanks very much BW!

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