Lots Of Places Have A South

I am standing outside, supervising a group of students who are waiting to be called into an exam. Since the group includes almost all of Y11, this is taking some time, so the students and staff are standing around in the sunshine chatting.

Michael: Miss, Miss, Miss! Jade called me ‘love’, that’s sexual harassment! Tell her!
Me: Nah then, (note how after living here for 22 years I speak fluent Yarkshire) I’ve lived here long enough to know that calling people love is just being friendly.

Michael starts to protest, but then stops and pauses for a moment whilst he takes in what I just said.

Michael: Are you not from round here then Miss?
Me: Nope, I was born in London.
Michael: What? I thought you were from Yorkshire*. I’ve always been nice to you and then you turn out to be a Southerner!
Jade: What’s wrong with being from the South? I’m from the South. I’m a Southerner.
Michael: No you’re not, you’re from Sheffield. Duh.
Jade: Yeah, Sheffield in SOUTH Yorkshire. DUH.

I guess it’s all just a matter of perspective.

*That’s the fifth or sixth time I’ve been mistaken for a native of God’s Own County recently. I wonder if I can apply for citizenship yet?

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