Fudging the Issue

There could be no escape. Tonight we had to go and do the supermarket run.

This is always a bit of low point for us. Normally we rarely argue, but if we are doing the shopping we sometimes to find it difficult to avoid – although after years of practice we have managed to stop spending every shopping trip bickering with each other.

I called Mr TLC to let him know I was running late, but he had already set off, so his evening started with a trip to a nearby guitar shop to pass some time and several cups of tea in the supermarket cafe. By the time I arrived I was feeling tired, I had a headache, my back was hurting and I was being exceptionally grumpy. I gave not a moment’s thought to how long Mr TLC had been hanging around waiting for me. Selfish, selfish TLC.

Saint Mr TLC coped well with my unnecessary tetchiness. He was patient and kind, ignored my grouching and asked me if I wanted a piece of vanilla fudge. Lovely, lovely Mr TLC.

He produced a bag from his pocket. Aha, I recognised that design.

“Ooh, you’ve been to Cocoa!” I said.

“Er yes, but I didn’t get you anything. I didn’t know what you would want.”

He went to my favourite chocolate shop and didn’t know what I would want! Bah.

Of course, given my grumpy behaviour, that was no more than I deserved. I still ate half his fudge though…

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