Cracking Up

It’s good to try new things.

crack – crack – crack

So on Friday, as soon as school finished (for six whole weeks – hurrah!), I set off from work, ready for a new experience.

crack – crack – crack

I’ve not been at my best recently; as a result of blatant stupidity on my part I have been having real problems with my back. Who puts twice as much as she can reasonably carry in a large bag, then stands around for ages, with that bag on her shoulder, chatting to a colleague who has accosted her? That would be me of course. Who is surprised when she feels a strange and rather painful twanging sensation in her neck and across her shoulders? Yes, you guessed it, that would be me.

So after some weeks of hoping it would magically get better, which of course it didn’t, I asked colleagues to recommend a physio, but ended up making an appointment to see a highly recommended chiropractor. I’d never been to see a chiropractor before, I went with a slight sense of trepidation, but he was absolutely brilliant.

Brendan the very nice Australian cheered me up immensly when he announced that there was no real damage, he then delivered his diagnosis in true Aussie style: “Jeez these muscles are real tight!” He announced that he intended to try a sports massage, followed by some loosening.

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” I thought to myself, and to be fair it wasn’t, apart from one thing. You see I can’t stand the sound of anyone cracking their knuckles; to me it’s a real set-my-teeth-on-edge, fingernails-scrapped-across-the-blackboard sort of noise. Since the ‘loosening’ part of the treatment involved my joints making some very scary cracking noises, that was a bit of a challenge.

It was worth it though, after just one treatment, I feel so much better, it’s amazing. I wonder if my joints will have stopped making unexpected, and rather loud, cracking noises before I go back for my second appointment next week?

crack – crack – crack

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