Conquering the Paper Mountain

TARDISWe’ve done lots of things this holiday that I’ve been meaning to write about, but I banned myself from blogging for the last couple of days.

One of the tasks on my ‘must do’ list for this summer holiday was to sort out my office, which implied sorting out the great drifts and mountains of paper that covered every surface. My office may be tiny, but I think I’ve inadvertently fitted some TARDIS technology in there – because there was an awful lot of paper. I’m rather embarrassed by the number of half finished letters, piles of receipts etc I’ve had to deal with. Bad Three-Legged Cat. Must. Get. Organised. (And no blogging until I’ve sorted it!)

Two days in and I’m getting there…

Back to normal by the end of tomorrow I hope, then I can tell you about the place with a real TARDIS.

3 comments to Conquering the Paper Mountain

  • Won’t opening that window let the space out?

  • Z

    Even my email in-tray is overflowing. As for real letters, I think I’ll just wait for follow-up reminders.

  • Last Friday, the day before the kids came back, my desk was clear. Totally devoid of paperwork.

    It is now Thursday. This morning I couldn’t find the register, my lesson planner, the answer book on my desk. I did find three drawings from kids, two memos that I should have informed the children about two days ago, a packet of crisps, six books that need to be read before entering the library, a picture of a possum, a guide to signing for deaf people, four notes from parents that had to be dealt with NOW, and a clear space that had no relevance to anything at all – I put my lunch there!