First Sign of Autumn

Things are definitely on the change here. It isn’t the fact that I’m starting to wonder when the apples will be ready for picking, nor is it the fact that I’m back to school next week. It isn’t a hint of change in the weather or a feeling that the nights are now drawing in.

No, in this case it is not golden leaves, but a golden cat who has provided the first undeniable sign of Autumn. The footloose Ginger Cat has returned. He hasn’t been totally absent during the summer – he has dropped in nearly every day to demand that we both feed and pet him immediately – but he never stayed long before he disappeared back into the great outdoors.

Now he’s not only spending much more time in the house, he has actually headed upstairs (for the first time in months) and gone to sleep there. Ginger Cat believes that Autumn has arrived. Who am I to disagree?

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  • Yorkshire Pudding

    …Sometimes I think this planet is run by domestic cats and we are merely here to serve, feed, groom and amuse them… and if you really tune in you will find that each cat is different from the next…