Mr TLC was prowling around earlier this evening, expressing his great regret at having been so strong minded on the subject of snacky things. Easy to resist in the shop, but much pined after on a Friday evening apparently.

For some reason this caused me to experience an urge to make some crisps, something I’ve never attempted before. So out came the grater and the deep fat fryer. I shaved a potato into thin slices and into the very hot fryer they went. A sprinkling of sea salt and a pinch of Cajun seasoning later, I presented a very happy Mr TLC with a bowl of home made crisps. They tasted fantastic.

Most of my friends were amazed to learn that I own a deep fat fryer. It doesn’t get used very often, but when we do eat fish and chips it’s all nice homemade stuff. Fine as an occasional treat, just like the crisps. I won’t be making them very often, but I think I’ve bought my last packet of crisps.

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