Endangered Species

I’ve been hunting an endangered species for some time now. It’s not one of the species that appears on the list that was getting all the media attention today, but it is proving rather more elusive than I had expected.

I want to buy a pint of milk. Not a carton, or a more-or-less-a-pint in a plastic bottle, but an actual, old-fashioned pint of milk in an actual, old-fashioned glass milk bottle.

I know the milk tastes the same in different packaging, but I really want to track down a pinta, I need one for my big measuring project for school.

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to think they are already extinct.

4 comments to Endangered Species

  • Google “dairy sheffield” and go direct.

    Or try local doorsteps (for empties!)/small newsagents.

  • Our local tiny shops sell “glass milk” as they refer to it. I get mine delivered by a friendly milkman, very old fashioned. I’d go with Blue Witch and google for your local dairy.

  • Z

    My milkman still delivers in glass bottles, but I’ve not seen one in a shop for a while.

  • There used to be a milkman who delivered to our street, but he didn’t arrive until long after we had both left for work. I didn’t fancy milk that had been sitting outside all day (it is generally colder in the fridge!) so we bought ours at the shop.

    Now Mr TLC is at home all day (he’s just beginning his second gap year apparently), the milkman has disappeared.

    I’ll definitely look at local dairies though.

    Update: Oops. *Hastily edits own name* What a fool I am…