Holiday Postcard

Plan A:
A favourite walk along the banks of the River Irt before heading off along the coast.

Hmm, our footpath appears to have gone for a swim. Riverside walks seem to be ruled out. If it’s that wet down here, what’s it like up on them there hills?

Then Dan the Posh Weatherman cheers us with a severe weather warning for Cumbria. Thanks Dan.

Plan B:
Sod the hills and rivers. Lets just go to Muncaster and walk around the gardens. They have proper paths and everything.

Oh pants, it’s closed.

Actually, it turned out that we were just too early, not so early that there was time to go and do something else, but early enough that we had some time to kill.

Plan C:
Sit in the car. Do not leave the car. Drink from pre-prepared Thermos. Remark upon how much nicer the scenery looks with two windscreen wipers in front of it.

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