Seaside Postcard


Our recent trip to the lakes included a visit to somewhere I’ve never been before: the town of Maryport. We walked down the coast before setting off inland and finally looping back around to our starting point.

This is my idea of seaside perfection: a beach shared only by a few other intrepid strollers and dog walkers, blustery winds, lots of interesting stuff to look at and thousands of pebbles.

All That Remains

In amongst the beautiful natural rock formations there were some that were man-made. I’ve seen news stories about houses and buildings that fall into the sea and I’ve thought about the people losing their homes, but I’ve never really thought about where it all ends up.

Standing on the beach at Maryport, looking at the sandblasted pebbles that were once bricks or tiles made me think about that for the first time. Some of the debris was ugly, but I found other parts oddly beautiful. The thing that struck me the most was that I was wandering through the remains of someone’s home. I wonder who they were and where they lived?


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