By the time we arrive, the support band are already on stage. They are playing with great enthusiasm, many power chords and much volume.

I have no idea who they are, but since Mr TLC is our household musician and a master of musical trivia, I generally assume that he knows all such things, so I ask him.

“Who are they?”

“Fight Star,” he replies, but against all the background noise that’s not quite what I hear.

“Five Star?” Surely not. Bad memories of synchronised dancing, bad costumes and naff songs are flooding my brain.

Mr TLC corrects my error, but finds it hilarious. We agree that perhaps it best not to confuse these two bands. Although to be honest, I don’t think either of them is much good.


Feeder are on stage doing the obligatory thank yous. The audience gets thanked for turning up, then it’s the turn of the support act.

“Thanks to Five Star [very long pause], er, I mean Fight Star for opening for us.”

When I stop laughing ,I ask, “Do you think he did that deliberately?”

“Oh yes,” says Mr TLC, “Most definitely yes.”

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