That Was The Year That Was: July

I made the first of two visits this year to the English Institute for Sport. Sadly these two days are possibly the most sedentary of the year for me. Sport. I’m doing it wrong.

I decided that I would like to be fitter, so I started to do a lot more exercise. Did I build up steadily, as advised by, oh, just about everyone? No. I went a bit mad and did too much all at once. Did I end up with a very sore shoulder and back? Oh yes I did. Sport. I’m doing it wrong.

Fortunately Dellboy saved the day by recommending St Brendan the Chiropractor. During my first appointment St Brendan asked me to stand up straight. I told him I already was. Posture. I’m doing it wrong.

Oh well, at least the summer holidays finally arrived. 🙂

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