That Was The Year That Was: August

Our plans for the summer got hastily rewritten when I decided that I was going to do as little driving as possible. I might not have done any damage to my back, but it was blooming sore.

St Brendan of the Spine said “Walk!” So I did. All over Sheffield. We did the Sheffield Round Walk and enjoyed it so much that we did it again. We met some alpacas and found a magical toyshop. I hunted gas lamps and post boxes until Mr TLC made me stop. We went to Sheffield Fayre. We visited Crich, rode on trams and admired the TARDIS.

We had great fun. I love my summer holiday.

Sadly poor old Tinsley Towers finally met their end during August. I still can’t get used to the view without them. I keep looking for them and then having to remind myself that they aren’t there any more.

Tinsley Towers 3 Tinsley Towers 3a
Before and After – from Meadowhall Raod, Kimberworth, Rotherham

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