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It’s been a busy, busy week. It’s been an interesting week. Many things have happened that I wanted to write about, but the wriing itself didn’t happen.

But hey, it’s Friday night so I can treat myself to a spot of blogging. Except now I can’t remember what on earth I wanted to write about. Bother.

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  • HA! Welcome to my world :^P

    On a totally pointless sidetrack – and I shouldn’t draw attention to it because I am the world’s worstest spellerer and typerer but:

    but the wriing itself didn’t happen.

    Just for a second I didn’t see the “r” and thought that you’d invented a new verb, something to do with a Wii. Then realised that it didn’t have a capital letter, so I was stuck with “wiing”. And, I’ll stop now :^)

  • I admiit iit. Guiilty as chaged. I an a rubbiish trypiist. 😛