In Which No Snow Drops, But There Are Many Snowdrops

Snowdrops IWe finally made it to see my Mum today, *only* about two and a half weeks late for her birthday, but that’s largely the fault of Mr Snow. We’re very glad he’s finally cleared off, good riddance.

Anyway, we set off to Hopton Hall to enjoy a gentle amble around the gardens, open at this time of year to show off the snowdrops, and very pretty it was too. We followed the snowdrop walk which took in the displays of snowdrops (obviously) and aconites and led us past some rather exotic pheasants. We also encountered a strategically placed cat, who kindly allowed us to worship him before we moved on.

The Hooded Claw Snowdrops II Snowdrops III

2 comments to In Which No Snow Drops, But There Are Many Snowdrops

  • Jane

    Hi there TLC.

    I am the proud parent of 4 cats.

    My second youngest, Tara, a feral Calico, broke her back right leg badly. My experienced vet said he would have to amputate the leg. The op was performed on 11 Feb ’09 and was a sucess.

    My baby, Tara, is my hero. On Wednesday she had the op and by Friday morning she was walking in the garden. Now 9 days since the op, she is galavantling all over the show much to my concern. I am allowing her to get back to normal and although I want to baby her, I know the best thing for her is to allow her to adapt on her own. I just give her plently of love and playtime and of course a soft bed to sleep on.

    My main concern is that my vet said he couldn’t give Tara pain meds because in cats, pain meds can cause renal (kidney) failure.

    I have Tara on tissue salts for the pain, but I do believe this wont be of much use to her.

    The little stump quivers for long periods from time to time and then she will stretch her good leg and the stump.

    I just want to help her through this pain. She is acting as though everything is fine, but I have heard what pain amuptees go through.

    Please tell me if there is any more I can do to help her through this painful time.

    Thanks so much from
    (South Africa)

  • Hi Jane, I’ve only just seen your comments – I’ve answered it over here, where you left the other comment. Hope things are going OK. I remember how worrying I found it when my cat lost his leg. Best wishes, TLC