Back from the Blogdead

Blimey has it been that long since I wrote a *proper* post? Ahem.

Anyway, hellooo!

June is over, which means my *cough* part time paper round is finished (although this year I get a bonus extra round, starting next week, but enough of that kind of talk), so I can actually blog again.

Actually, my June was mostly splendid, featuring three concerts, two gigs and a wheely good talk (all courtesy of the Broomhill Festival), numerous opportunities to use my outdoor office, many Black Cat cuddles (he’s still going remarkably strong, bless him), some brilliant days helping to run my school’s team maths challenge at various primary schools, a trip to darkest Leeds to enjoy some dance (Rambert style) and some general eating, drinking and making merry.

In other news, I think that just about every student in Year 9 now knows my TLC alias. Mind you, a few more posts like this and I might manage to bore them (and you) into submission…

And finally… weird fact of the day: I seem to attract far more visitors to this blog when I don’t post anything than when I do (mind you, maybe that was just down to Year 9 checking in). However I’ll not let that stop me. Let the rattling on commence…

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