Video Nasty

DVDIt’s Friday afternoon, it’s a quarter to three… It’s quiz time! At least, it is for my form group.

Today we indulged in a spot of geography (which is slightly ridiculous, given that the quizmaster – *ahem* that’ll be me – is notoriously geographically challenged), followed by a few IT acronyms.

All went well until we reached DVD. I thought they would know that one, given that the students at my lunchtime ICT club had no trouble answering. I was wrong.

“Digital…” said one of the lads (not sounding confident and stopping for a looong pause), “Video… er… um…”

They’d just got CD, no problem, so I thought the last D in DVD wasn’t likely to pose too great a challenge. The V might be a bit tricky, but not the last D. But as I said, I was wrong.

After much um-ing and er-ing, finally an answer was offered: “Digital Video Death.”

Mmm, there’s a nice thought.

No Crackerjack pencil for that team then.

Photo: DVD by Samantha Celera. Used under Creative Commons Licence.

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