In Summer, quite the other way

Longest day? Not here it isn’t. Some of us are off to bed ridiculously early thank you very much.

Going to bed in the daylight is something I associate with childhood, so it seems rather appropriate given the cause of my tiredness. What cause would that be? Someone had a rather sleepless night last night. And why is that appropriate? Well, someone watched Dr Who last night (and rather good it was too, in all of its splendid silliness). Then she had a nightmare, about Dr Who. Honestly, it’s like I’ve regressed to being six years old or something.

So, a startled awakening from alarming dreams featuring a curious mixture of Matt Smith, Stonehenge and a long forgotten Tom Baker episode with some rather dodgy stones that preferred wandering about attacking people to the more traditional pursuit of standing about in a circle. Then two hours of not being asleep at all.

Ah, the joys of childhood, revisited.

6 comments to In Summer, quite the other way

  • I love taking an early evening around this time of year, whilst its still light. It exactly re-awakens that childhood thing. More of us should do it!

    Doctor Who is quite good at the moment and I like the ‘Indiana Jones’ type music in the last episode.

  • I’m sleeping with the curtains open, I like the light; it doesn’t disturb me and I love waking up to it.
    (I’m still frightened of cybermen!)

    • Lois Lindemann

      Waking up with daylight coming through the window is just wonderful isn’t it? So much nicer than dragging oneself out of bed in the dark during winter.

  • Ro

    You should write to tell the script-writer. I’m sure he’d be chuffed to bits!

    I still get the shivers when I remember the giant maggots. And then there was that episode with the yetis … but I don’t really want to think about that one.

  • Lois Lindemann

    Ooh giant maggots. They were very scary, at least at the time. Sadly, the scariness of my favourite monsters never seems to survive another viewing. We must have had good imaginations, or maybe we’re just used to ‘real’ looking effects now.