Did someone mention Dr Who?

He’s proud of the BBC:

Me too.

And you?

3 comments to Did someone mention Dr Who?

  • Definitely. Especially now that there is an increase of quality programming as opposed to the rash of reality tv shows from a few years back.

    That video is awesome and just brings home how much talent there is on the BBC and how many great programmes.

    Mike Leigh talked on the One Show last night about how quality entertainment is needed in times of austerity. I wonder what most people would say about an inflationary rise of the License fee instead of the 6 years pegging that’s just been announced.

  • I like the line “its not just the weather that holds us together” – although the latest licence freezes, the move of the World Service funding from the Foreign Office and other recent announcements are going to create some new tensions.

  • Ro

    Oh, my – that is quite fantastic! Cross-posts ahead …

    The BBC has struggled for decades with the need to be popular in order to justify the universal license-fee and the need to maintain the quality and diversity that is its mandate. It does a damn good job.

    I may watch non-BBC channels every now and then (I have to go somewhere for my fixes of Star Trek, my repeats of QI and Mock The Week, and NCIS) but I always find myself heading back to the Beeb.

    All this and quality, unbiased news too.

    You just have to go over to the States to see what the alternative really is.