These boots weren’t made for walking

These boots weren't made for walkingWhat’s that Billy Connolly quote? Something like “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.”

However, different people clearly have different ideas about what the right clothing might be. There are always plenty of people out walking who are wearing clothing – especially footwear – that would be on my personal list of wrong. Most of these people seem quite happy though, so good luck to them.

I do remember one encounter with a group consisting of a man in his best shiny shoes, three women in unfeasibly high heels and two small children, one of whom was in a pushchair. They attempted to follow me & Mr TLC as we toiled up a very steep and extremely muddy bridle path. We were struggling in our sensibly stout and grippy boots, so it’s not surprising that our would-be followers didn’t get very far. Happily for them, there was an easier (if longer) alternative route along a nearby road.

So who was out in the wrong shoes today? Oh, that would be me. A spur of the moment decision to stop off and yomp over some fields left me climbing stiles, slithering along damp grassy banks and evading nettles (not entirely successfully) whilst wearing a pair of slippy sandals. In my defence, it was only a short walk – and the view was worth it. I’ll show you where we went once I’ve uploaded some photos. In the meantime, I think I’ll put my walking boots in the boot of the car before we go anywhere else.

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  • Z

    I found myself in a similar situation recently, as regards nettles in particular, not having expected the path to have become so overgrown since I’d last used it. It was better on the way than the way back, by which time I’d put the dog on the lead and he didn’t see why we couldn’t walk at our usual speed.