That was the year that was: October 2007

October is a busy month with lots of birthdays, socialising, sculpture in the garden at Chatsworth and two performances of Cirque de Soleil’s Delirium at Sheffield Arena. Oh dear, I’m singing Alegria again.

IMG_2531 IMG_2532

October also means back to college. I have managed to forget how much work was involved last year and have signed up for the same amount this year. The original plan was to enjoy learning French, but I seem to have lost sight of this, I’m just working flat out to get the minimum done to pass each module. Mr TLC also starts an IT course and I have to fight him to get to use what I previously thought of as my computer.

Just as I return to college, Mr TLC is finally made redundant. I am feeling quite worried about him by this stage, but he seems to be very cheerful. In fact, now that he doesn’t have to spend five days a week doing nothing and waiting to be laid off, he is suddenly very relaxed and is back to his normal self. Friends ask him if he has found another job and he alternates between telling them he is a house husband or a butler.

The son of TLC arrives with the news that Mr TLC will be a grandfather next year. I should add that we are a modern family, so that doesn’t mean I will be a grandmother.

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