That was the year that was: September 2007

September is back to school time for me. Mr TLC still has no work to do, but is waiting for the outcome of the ‘consultation’ about the proposed redundancies. Given that the machines have been sold and it is obvious who is going to be made redundant, you wouldn’t think that this would take long, but it drags on and on and on.

I try to keep up morale by feeding Mr TLC his favourite food and arranging evenings out, but I can see that he is starting to feel really down. Day after day of hanging about at work, when there is absolutely no work to do, is clearly not doing him any good. Why doesn’t the company just send them home early? Then he decides to learn to drive. And applies for a provisional licence. Things must have got really serious, he has been thoroughly unenthusiastic about any suggestion that he should learn to drive in the past.

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