London Postcard

Cracking Up

Dear Mum,

We are having a cracking time in London.

We have been to Borough Market and bought something delightful for you – can you guess what it is?

We also visited Southwark Cathedral, we could tell it was in the Gothic style from the interesting background music…

Wish you were here!

Love TLC x

(Original post sent from my mobile. Updated on 12th February 2008)

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  • Three-Legged-Cat

    Dear Mum, Apparently I need more practice at this mobile blogging. Anyone would think I was lying on the floor drunk when I took this photo! Hey, that’s an idea – perhaps you could get drunk and lie on the floor – then the photo will look great! Love TLC x

    I’ve now edited the original post so that the photo is the correct way up! So no one needs to get drunk and lie on the floor to view it (unless they really want to).