Brain drain

I’ve had a bit of a crazy day. In fact I also had a rather crazy yesterday, the cause being my school laptop, which died rather spectacularly in the middle of a lesson. The lesson went slightly to pot (that’ll teach me to rely on super-whizzy interactive whiteboard stuff), but the kids thought it was funny.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I now have a new school laptop. Woo hoo. Well, not quite brand new, but new to me, much nicer than the old one and a source of envy to other staff who’ve been trying to get shiny new laptops for a while.

I also have all my files backed up onto an external hard drive. Woo hoo. Except that obviously I haven’t backed up my files quite as recently as I should. Ah, not quite so woo hoo. And every time I have tried to do anything today I have discovered yet another bit of software that needed to be downloaded or installed.

I never realised just how reliant I had become on technology. By the end of today I felt like my brains had turned to mush. And then I saw this:

Humorous Pictures

That’s very funny, and just how I feel.

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