Advance warning: this is not a thrilling post, so if you have anything interesting to do, look away now.

Still reading? Well I did warn you!

Things have got a little chaotic here in the TLC household, so I’ve been spending some of my holiday doing some of those clearing out, tidying up and round tuit odd jobs that normally get put off until some indeterminate time in the future.

In fact this sums up the situation as far as my desk is concerned:

Dilbert Comic

(Except that in my case, happiness is most definitely an option.)

Anyway, it may take an unbelievable amount of chaos to get me started on a get organised campaign, but once I do get started, my manic tidying is fairly unstoppable, which may explain why Mr TLC is hiding in his playroom and refusing to leave it.

I don’t like the process of doing these tedious tasks (normally I can find so many other more interesting things to do instead) but I do like that feeling of smug satisfaction that I get from completing them. I also quite like being able to see the surface of my desk or being able to walk across the cellar and even find things in it – something which was impossible a couple of days ago, due to excess junk filling all the floor space.

I’ve even tidied up online, including my Bloglines subscriptions. I am the unstoppable organiser, at least I am today, it’ll pass soon! N.b. not all of my Bloglines subscriptions are public, it’s probably just paranoia, but I don’t want anything online, including links to other sites, that could cause problems or awkward questions if/when one of my students finds it. Actually thinking about that, the no “awkward questions” bit, that’s not paranoia is it? That’s just me being spineless.

Anyway (again), all this rambling leads to the following unimportant conclusions:

1. I’ve updated that there blogroll in that there sidebar to reflect my ‘daily essential’ reads. I’m still in two minds about one of the links though, I’m not sure if I should be allowing a cat-hating dog to encroach on my sidebar…

2. During the course of this post I seem to have come out as paranoid invertebrate with a tidying up fetish. Too much information? Well you kept on reading (look at me, passing that buck). I warned you, didn’t I?

Dilbert Comic

3 comments to Housekeeping

  • I need you here to help me.
    I’m sending a broom…

  • I’m having a few problems. I’m trying to press on with the tidying/cleaning/sorting out tasks, but every time I attempt to sweep the cellar floor, this new broom takes off and heads south. Black Cat arrived to see what was going on, he now looks pretty cool riding around on the broom. Hmm. Well, we always did suspect him of having magical tendencies.

    Has Mr TLC been adding interesting substances to my morning coffee?

    Maybe he has been buying things at the Wizard shop again.

    Or are these rather strange goings-on caused by someone else?