The Accidental Window Cleaner

Our window cleaner is a bit accident prone. Which is rather ironic – I only decided that we needed a window cleaner because Mr TLC was making me feel very worried, he looked a bit off-balance whilst up a ladder. At least he looked a bit off-balance to me, he obviously felt perfectly fine. (I reserve the right to worry unnecessarily). As for me, I’m always a bit off-balance, so we I decided to find someone less likely to injure themselves in the quest for non-grimy windows.

The man who now cleans our windows is an amiable sort of bloke, but he does tend to disappear from time to time since he is often beset by injury problems. He has broken an interesting selection of bones in a varied selection of accidents. Both quad bikes and mountain bikes have been involved, although as far as I am aware he has never fallen off his ladders.

He’s a pretty efficient cleaner of windows, so we recommended him to our friend C. She is quite happy with his window cleaning, but described him as scary. I think that was after he started telling her about his catalogue of accidents and injuries. In fairness, I should perhaps mention that C describes nearly everyone as scary, even Mr TLC is scary (allegedly).

There was nearly yet another so-called accident tonight. I was part way home from work, driving along, minding my own business, when a man walked out into the middle of the road right in front of me and just stood there, staring at my approaching car. Whilst experiencing mild panic, hitting the brakes and performing evasive manoeuvres, I noticed who the man was. (Hey, I know how to multi-task!)

He was of course the cleaner of windows, Mr Accident Prone himself. Why was I surprised? I have to admit that C is right after all: he is scary, very scary. It appears that it is not just bad luck that leads to him suffering from so many mishaps.

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