Tomorrow is of course Saturday, so I’m hoping for a lazy morning and the chance to sleep until I wake up naturally. No alarm clock. No wake up call. And hopefully no scrabble at dawn.

I’m not talking about the rather famous board game, I suspect that the culprit is quite good at spells, but I know that he is useless at spelling. I’m talking about Black Cat and his overly long claws. He’s getting on a bit, so he appears to have given up going outside and hunting actual rodents. Instead, he has taken up scrabbling about pursuing Biros, buttons, imaginary objects and anything else he can get his paws on. But only at dawn, whilst we are still asleep, the rest of the time he is pretty quiet.

Remind me again, why I am so devoted to Black Cat?

Well Mr Black Cat, I’ll see your scrabbling at dawn, and I’ll raise you to a vacuum cleaner in the afternoon (when you are taking a nap).

Would that show him who is the boss here and put an end to early morning scrabbling? No chance, but fortunately I’m a heavy sleeper, so that’s OK.

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