Celebrity Chefs

The Disappearing Cat has returned! *Waves at Blogland*

Well that was an unexpectedly chaotic week! I will not rattle on about the setbacks and delays that have beset me since my last post, but I will report that I am now (finally) the proud owner of a nice housing that is the perfect size for our new oven. Hurrah! Unfortunately Mr Plumber is now in the middle of another job somewhere else, so he can’t come back and connect it to the gas supply until Tuesday. Boo! It’s no good trying to convince him that it is just a small job, he’s already seen it and knows better.

After going out for a meal and then eating take-away pizza on consecutive days I was already starting to feel a bit less than brilliantly well, so I have had to rethink our cooking arrangements. One trip to Argos later, I am now the proud owner of a George Foreman grill. Yes – one of those grills that appeared in the TV adverts that I mocked. (Although in my defence, I only mocked the terrible adverts that seemed to have come from the shopping channels, not the grill itself that I have in fact purchased and paid actual money for. Convinced? No, I didn’t think you would be.)

Actually, my new toy is not bad, it is rubbish at cooking humble pie, but brilliant at grilling vegetables and quite good at chicken. When combined with the powers of the mighty microwave and the salad spinner it produces quite edible meals.

We also had to make a quick dash to the supermarket (no coffee = caffeine withdrawal headache = disaster) and whilst we were there I started muttering about how I had wanted to do some baking this week. Mr TLC disappeared, leaving me thinking that I was driving him mad with my moaning, but then reappeared clutching some very nice cakes made by Duchy Originals. I like Prince Charles’ cakes, they contain few dodgy ingredients and are one of the limited number of pre-prepared food brands that I will actually eat.

So George Foreman cooked chicken and mushrooms for our tea last night and Prince Charles baked us a cake for dessert. I might just have to reconsider my opinions on celebrity chefs.

3 comments to Celebrity Chefs

  • Everyone I’ve ever known who has one of those grills has to disbale thier smoke detector when they use it.

  • Er, yes, I like that word. Disbale. Must use it mroe often 😉

  • We have a griddle pan that has a similar effect, so I went really mad and bought one where the grills come off and go in the dishwasher. So far, so good… It’s not the greatest of kitchen gadgets, but I couldn’t stand the thought of a whole week of takeaways/ heat and eat/ microwave only food.

    It is blooming brilliant at grilled veg though, so I might use it more than I imagined, although I’m not sure if it’s more or less energy-efficient than doing them in the oven.