Our new section of relief road is proving fairly popular with drivers, but it has created a real challenge for the RSPCA in Sheffield, who were forced to close their animal shelter when the road was built. Fund raising for a new centre is underway in the form of Monty’s Appeal, but in the meantime facilities in Sheffield are restricted.

At present a small building close to the original site is being used for kennels. This was a spectacularly ugly building until last summer, when it received the Phlegm treatment.

I pass it twice a day but I can’t really get more than a fleeting glimpse when I’m travelling past, so we decided to go and take a closer look at the weekend.

The artwork is great, but Mr TLC had to drag me away – the sound of all those dogs howling was heart rending, but that may have been partly because it was breakfast time.



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  • Given the compensation payments people round here have received for various road-building schemes, I’m amazed the RSPCA didn’t have enough money to build something else. Maybe they were badly advised on what to accept? There are standard rates, but these things are always negotiable – if you have the right people doing the negotiating…