Fancy Pants

We decided to take advantage of the lighter evenings and warmer weather by going for a bit of a walk this evening. Weston Park is currently without its gates, which are set to return as part of the park’s renovation, but this does mean that you can wander around the park in the evening, when you have the place pretty much to yourself.

After the serious exertions of our very leisurely stroll, we decided to stop for a drink on the way home. For the one of us who doesn’t have to get up tomorrow this meant a beer, for the one who does this meant being uncharacteristically sensible and ordering coffee.

We arrived at our local pub to find that it was full of people who were either wearing large placards with numbers or dressed up as cardboard boxes, which was a bit strange. Later a set of superheroes arrived, followed by a posse of golfers and the Blues Brothers. Why? Erm, no idea to be honest.

Oh and there were also some girls wearing frilly pants on their heads and a second pair over the tops of their trousers. Why? Well, apparently this is the correct attire if you are collecting money for an unnamed ovarian cancer charity.

All this left me with an urge to start twittering. Which leads to another question. Why does the predictive text on my phone think that the next word in the phrase “two girls with frilly knickers on” should be “fire” ?

I’m drinking next time we’re in that pub, the world’s too confusing if I’m sober.

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