Spot the Difference

5th April
All ready for fitting…

17th April
Still ready for fitting…

Ta-dah! We’re cooking on gas!

As of Friday, I can cook! Admittedly, things are still a bit unfinished, but now the oven is fitted, the little jobs like sorting out plinths, patching up tiles etc can all go ahead.

The whole oven thing turned into a bit of a saga. I won’t bore you with the details, but it did give me a slightly different perspective about workmen (specifically our excellent plumber) and their excuses for delays.

The thing that caused the biggest delay was the lack of a part, a basic part that the plumber expected to be able to buy over the counter, then had to order, then it didn’t arrive, went to the wrong place etc, etc. He kept telling us he was chasing it and I have to say that normally cynical cat would be thinking “Yeah, right” and not believing this sorry tale for a moment.

Only the thing is, this time we had another perspective on the saga of missing part excuses, because Son of Mr TLC works at the plumbers merchant. In fact Son of Mr TLC was having a bit of a bad time – getting nagged at by both the plumber and by us whilst he was doing his best to chase the missing item, but it still proved elusive for a while.

Anyway, it is all sorted, which is marvellous. Oh, did I mention, I can cook!

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  • And there was me thinking that the difference was the changing placement of the utensil pots.

    I think the trouble with workmens’ excuses is that we are so used to hearing them that when one is actually true we don’t believe them.