Doesn't he look like his brother?The weekend started promisingly enough.

Last night, before we went to sleep we discussed what to do today. No decision was reached, so many possibilities. One thing was fixed: haircut at midday. Before that: probably a lazy morning. After that: a walk (weather permitting), or maybe we could take in some of the Philadelphia Blues Festival (for those of you who don’t know, Philadelphia is an area of Sheffield), or maybe just a leisurely lunch and an overdose of weekend newspapers, or maybe…

So, what did we actually do:

1. Got woken up very early by Black Cat Thunderpaws as he hurtled upstairs, downstairs, around and around the house. It appears the medication for his arthritis is proving to be rather more effective than we had hoped.

2. Got woken up again by Black Cat, who treated us to one of his special early Caturday morning songs. We recognised that meow. Mr TLC cracked first, got up and disposed of the rodent corpse.

3. Settled down for a lie in – it is the weekend after all. Mr TLC returned with an enormous cup of tea (for him), an equally enormous cup of hot chocolate (for me) and the weekend papers. I started reading a book. Splendid.

Then Black Cat appeared, looking all cute and innocent. He jumped up, reached out a paw and suddenly he was wearing my upside-down cup on his head like some sort of helmet and there was hot chocolate absolutely everywhere.

4. Got scratched to bits whilst checking that Black Cat hadn’t hurt himself. Fortunately I don’t like my drinks scalding hot, so the increasingly unpopular Black Cat is fine, but chocolate scented. Which is nice.

5. Mopped up hot chocolate. Washed bedding. Attempted to scrub a mattress. Cleaned hot chocolate splashes off walls and furniture.

Oh, and then we had our hair cut.

Now what shall we do this evening?

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