I Am Transformed

“I’ve drawn you Miss!” says a nice girl who arrived at my ICT club for the first time today.

I am filled with trepidation. The last time that a student felt the need to record my image, I was presented with a picture of a woman made entirely from circles: circular body, circular face and circular glasses around circular eyes. Scarily it looked rather like me.

I go and look over Nice Girl’s shoulder. I discover that I am stick thin, a wearer of glamourous clothes and bright red lipstick, and that I have pale skin and blonde hair. Nice Girl’s creation does not look like me.

“That’s lovely,” I say to Nice Girl. Her friends and I agree that it looks just like me.

I am left wondering exactly who we are kidding here: Nice Girl with limited observation skills or Easily Deluded Teacher in need of a new self-image (apparently).

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