I Get Distracted

I see lots of vehicles doing the school run each day: cars large and small, vans and 4x4s. However today was the first time I had ever seen a stretch limo turn up.

It arrived before lessons had finished; I was still teaching Year 8 and they were (miraculously but briefly) all totally focused. I saw the limo and wanted to stop and stare, but I ignored it, I didn’t want to give the game away, didn’t want to lose that magic moment as my class made the connections that pulled all the strands of the lesson together. It worked, for about 90 seconds. Then one of my students turned around, looked out of the window and said “Limo!”

At that point I was no longer teaching Year 8 because none of them were interested. Limo in the playground. Much more exciting.

3 comments to I Get Distracted

  • kblade

    hehe the lure of the limo eh? I still stop and gawp at them even now they are a pretty regular sight about town!

  • Ah they’ve reached northern towns too?

    First seen down here about 3 years ago when Y11s and Y6s were leaving school. Now kids get taken to/picked up from school in stretch limos on their birthdays. It’s all getting a bit boring.

    I heard a couple of yummy mummies talking aobut hiring a helicopter to fete their Y6 kids leaving primary for secondary school this summer. More money than sense.

  • This was a first for our school, previously limos have only been booked to cruise around town on the way to prom night.

    Apparently a Y7 girl was leaving on Friday, now all the others have see it I suspect there will be more.