I Start a Binge!

book bingeI like books.
I like lists.
So that’s me hooked!
May is normally a pretty hectic month, but it also includes a week of half-term holiday, so I’m not sure how much I will read over the next month.
Will it be a binge or a light snack? Time will tell…

Thanks to Z for sharing this great idea.
If you are also going to join in, please let Mary P know.

3 comments to I Start a Binge!

  • So glad you decided to join. Last year I collected a couple of dozen titles for my subsequent reading from items on other participants’ lists, which was an unforeseen perk. Now, I confess, it’s a large reason for doing it again! Books, yummm…

  • Z

    I’m off to the library this afternoon…

  • By a curious coincidence, a group of my students appeared to Friday afternoon’s lesson clutching books. They are all reading and reviewing the shortlist for the Sheffield Children’s Book Award. Some of them look pretty good, so I’ve borrowed one to get started on.