In which there is no rain, but much wind

They promised us rain. Liars. We had very bad wind though….

It’s been a brilliant weekend. We’ve wandered around Weston Park (how is it ever going to be ready for the grand re-opening on June 1st?) and strolled around the Botanical Gardens. Mr TLC was very excited to find a tea plant in the pavillions, but sadly he didn’t get a nice cup of tea out of it. I discovered that it is nigh on blooming impossible to take non-blurry photographs whilst being buffetted by gale force wind. Got a nice snap of Mr TLC with his tea plant though.

We’ve read books, been to the pub, enjoyed the sunshine, done crosswords, been blasted by the wind and watched too much TV.

We’ve had the most lovely relaxing Bank Holiday weekend, hope you all did too.

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