Grandfather TLC

It occurs to me that it is now well over a week since the big event and I still haven’t told you about it (unless you read my riveting Twitters). Mr TLC is now a grandfather. Woo!

Whilst we were wandering around at the Weston Park Open Day on June 1st, unbeknown to us Baby A was putting in her first appearance at the maternity unit just around the corner.

Mr TLC met his new, one week old granddaughter earlier this week and came home with a photo of himself holding Baby A in his arms, obviously delighted with her. He’s one of those people that kids just seem to adore, I think he’s going to love being a Granddad. Unfortunately he has taken to calling me Grandma, which is ridiculous, but I am reacting in a mature and measured way by ignoring him unless he addresses me as RealName.

3 comments to Grandfather TLC

  • But isn’t “Grandma” preferable to “RealName”? 😉

  • I don’t know if it’s preferable, but afetr he read this, Mr TLC has obligingly addressed me as “RealName” rather than L01s or even Grandma. I should have known he’d do that.

  • Me – I always wanted (and still do)to be a “grandpa”.

    Of course, I will be an evil grandpa – filling grandchildren with E101, E102, and Eanything that causes major problems.

    It is my little way of thanking my children for the joy that they brought me!

    Lights blue touchpaper and retires.