TLC Sets a Personal Best

Finished! Yes, really finished! That dull but lucrative second job that I must not mention name is done and dusted – nine whole days before the deadline. Woohoo! That, Ladies and Gentleman, is a record (at least it is for me, I’ve no idea how quickly anyone else gets these things done).

I did the little celebratory dance and felt the weight lift off my shoulders. I started making wild plans for all that extra free time. Then I remembered that there are only three weeks of term left and I have a rather extensive ‘To Do’ list. My memory is so bloody useless that I really do have a list, and it’s worryingly long for the short time that is left.

Ah well, no rest for the good.

1 comment to TLC Sets a Personal Best

  • Z

    Well done.

    I made a list yesterday. All I’ve done so far is remember more things to add to it. I haven’t actually done anything on it yet.