Henderson's Crisps

Yorkshire CrispsIs she still going on about Henderson’s Relish? Guilty as charged, I am indeed rattling on about that mystic brew yet again.

This time it’s Henderson’s Crisps, surely the ultimate snack for the average Sheffield bloke, but one which I approached with a certain amount of trepidation. I like Henderson’s, I use it when I’m cooking, but I don’t do the full-on, sprinkled liberally over food method of serving it (you can tell I’m not a native of Sheffield can’t you?)

What are they like? Firstly, let me mention Yorkshire Crisps. They are a quality brand, all their crisps are made by frying thin slices of locally grown vegetables in sunflower oil, some (including the Henderson’s variety) have natural flavourings added. Read the ingredients on a bag of Yorkshire Crisps and you’ll find a list of things you might cook with at home, not a strange litany of unknown chemicals. They bear no resemblance at all to the wafer thin crisps promoted by certain well-known ex-footballers.

This particular variety really does taste of Henderson’s, but it’s not an overpowering flavour. I quite liked them (although to be honest I’m not a big fan of crisps), however Mr TLC blooming loved ’em.

Unlike the actual Relish, the crisps are relatively widely available (which might explain why the bag describes the main flavour as Henderson’s Yorkshire Sauce), so you might just get to try them for yourselves.

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  • you tease!!!

    Readily available???? Not where I am :^p

  • Whoooah! What’s going on? Another Sheffield blogger who is also a teacher! This is not allowed! But thanks for dropping by my blog. Henderson’s flavoured crisps. Sounds yummy! Have you ever been on the Henderson’s website? You can buy a groovy T shirt and a groovy apron. Perfect Xmas presents! Monday tomorrow… Have a nice day!