And the winner is…

…Henderson’s Relish!

It is now officially the Vegetarian Society’s Best Store Cupboard Ingredient Winner. Quite right too.

“Everyone should have this gem in the cupboard, a Worcestershire style sauce without the anchovies, perfect to add to almost any savoury dish.”

It may have been better if I hadn’t mentioned to Mr TLC that my […]

Henderson's Crisps

Is she still going on about Henderson’s Relish? Guilty as charged, I am indeed rattling on about that mystic brew yet again.

This time it’s Henderson’s Crisps, surely the ultimate snack for the average Sheffield bloke, but one which I approached with a certain amount of trepidation. I like Henderson’s, I use it when I’m […]

What KT Did

Do you want to know a secret? KT Tunstall has an imaginary friend. I know this because she told me about him. Only she doesn’t know that her friend is imaginary, she thinks he’s real.

Of course I haven’t actually been hanging out with KT herself, she told me and a couple of thousand other […]

Henderson’s Relish

“If you slice any Sheffield man in two, you’ll see“Henderson’s” running through him like a stick of rock.”

(Overheard in my local pub)

I’m not sure I like the idea of cutting people in two (although on second thoughts maybe I could be tempted to think of one or two potential candidates…), but I […]