And the winner is…

Henderson’s Relish!

It is now officially the Vegetarian Society’s Best Store Cupboard Ingredient Winner. Quite right too.

“Everyone should have this gem in the cupboard, a Worcestershire style sauce without the anchovies, perfect to add to almost any savoury dish.”

It may have been better if I hadn’t mentioned to Mr TLC that my first encounter with this much loved local brew was as a “Worcestershire sauce substitute”. He’s still shaking his head at me now. Ah well.

Anyway, well done Henderson’s, you deserve it.

2 comments to And the winner is…

  • Dear Lois,
    Are you aware that if you go into the Hendersons factory offices during normal work hours you can purchase both souvenir T shirts and aprons. Superman (Mr TLC) might well appreciate one or both on Xmas Day….Oh I guess as you have linked to their website you already knew about the T-shirts and aprons. Silly me!

    • Lois Lindemann

      But if I go in, will I see someone that works there? Does anyone work there? Is Henderson’s really brewed by invisible hands?

      The reason for these mad ramblings: in 20+ years, I’ve never ever seen anyone enter or leave the building. *Hums theme to Twighlight Zone*

      Happily Weston Park Museum also stock the t-shirts, so Mr TLC is oft bedecked with a ‘Strong and Northern’ slogan.