Pi Chart

pi chart

We passed the building site that marks the place which was my first home in Sheffield the other day. It doesn’t look very different to the last time we saw it, but a site plan has appeared. I was rather childishly pleased to see that the new build might just take the form of three giant pi.

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  • I drive down Shore Lane every day. To me, Ranmoor Hall was still new. What it needed was investment, not demolition. How environmentally unfriendly to just knock it down and start again. Legalised vandalism.

  • It’s quite a contrast to what has happened to the old university owned flats on Taptonville Road isn’t it? They’ve been converted into houses, almost nothing demolished there: pitched rooves and new windows, doors etc added and I’m sure that they’ve been refitted inside. I’m amazed at how different they look to the old flats.