Reality vs the T'Inter

In UR Reality

Sometimes I find myself looking sideways at total strangers. Only sometimes of course and not at everybody – that would be a very weird way to behave. I reserve this peculiar behaviour for those occasions when I encounter strangers taking photographs, particularly if they happen to be using the sort of camera that I would like to own. When this happens part of me is thinking “Nice camera,” (I seem to be having real issues with camera envy of late), but part of me is wondering “What’s their Flickr name?”

That’s when using a silly name on the t’Internet is a bit of a disadvantage. I can’t bring myself to strike up a conversation with someone I don’t know and introduce myself as Three-Legged-Cat, clearly that would be ridiculous. That’s when the way I have carefully separated my work self (who uses her real name online), my virtual self (who masquerades as a three-legged feline) and my real self starts to feel a bit… odd.

So if you see a strange woman peering oddly at you or enviously at your camera, do not be alarmed, it’s probably me. I just haven’t quite got the correct netiquette worked out yet.

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  • I also have a separate blog name and know what you mean.

    I’ve realized its fairly common though so most people are unphased by it. In my case rashbre is also fairly non specific.

    On cameras, I use whatever is to hand, from an iPhone to a big SLR. I think quite often having the ability to take the pix is more important than the technology. No good having a fancy DSLR which is left at home!

    Whilst in Canada I used an excellent diddy Lumix TZ5 and a mid-range Nikon D80 DSLR. I do also have a bigger Nikon D300 but its relatively heavy compared with the D80.