A Bad Way To Start The Day

One of the best things about holidays and weekends is the chance to wake up naturally, without an alarm – although on school days Mr TLC almost always ends up having to wake me, because I can easily sleep straight through every last beep when the alarm goes off.

No alarm call today though, so I slept until my body decided it was time to swim back towards a state of consciousness. As I surfaced and opened my eyes I found that Mr TLC was looking at me, which is pretty unusual, because on alarm-free days I almost always wake up first.

“Goodbye L0i$” said Mr TLC.

You can have a lot of thoughts in a very short time if you only half awake and in a panic.
Why is he saying goodbye?
Is he going somewhere?
Does he mean good morning?
Is he joking? No, he looks serious.
Is he leaving?
Why is he leaving?

Mr TLC looked at me, momentarily confused by my stricken expression. Then, a mere lifetime moment later, he said “Oh, that sounded bad. I mean good bee-you-why. Good buy.”

< /panic>

Yesterday our new mattress pad was delivered. Best night’s sleep in ages. It certainly was a good buy.

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