Sheffield Fayre

The annual Sheffield Fayre in Norfolk Park is one of those things I’ve always meant to go to, but never actually got around to. Today we actually made it and was quite good fun.

We met a Heeland Coo.

Heeland Coo

We felt sorry for some very nice, but very fidgety birds of prey. They didn’t seem to be enjoying long periods tethered to a perch. I wonder why?

European Eagle Owl

We admired a rather old, but very shiny, Sheffield bus.

All Change!

We watched some battles being re-enacted.


We also watched a parade.


We ate felafel and fudge and took loads of photos (some of which are here).

But we didn’t spot NeilH demonstrating his sword skills 🙁
(Maybe next year)

2 comments to Sheffield Fayre

  • I must have been stood right next to you when the Redcoats were marching off the field, as I’ve got practically the same picture. If you saw somebody in a white polo shirt with a natty walking stick (for bartitsu purposes), that was me!

  • It’s weird to see the battle reenactment photo with a confederacy flag. Its meaning is so different in America, and reenactments are – usually – location based, so it just looks bizarre to me.

    And why reenact something that… erm… well… maybe someone ought to tell you… and I’m sure it was completely intentional on your part and whatnot… but… you didn’t win. Sorry. So. Why reenact it?

    In any case, the whole thing looks like loads of fun. Wish we’d been there.