Lost and Found

What’s the quickest way to find something you’ve lost? Buy a replacement!

Just over a year ago I lost one of my French grammar books. It’s a book I’ve owned since I was at school, but I still refer to it very frequently, so I really wanted to find it again. I hunted everywhere. No luck. Then I discovered it was back in print. So I ordered a new one.

You can guess what’s just happened can’t you?

So where was the ‘lost’ copy? Was it cunningly hidden? Had I left it somewhere obscure? Had a gang of international book thieves spirited it away?

No. It was on the correct bookshelf, exactly where it was supposed to be. Presumably it has been sitting there, in plain view, for the last year.

Sometimes I despair of myself.

3 comments to Lost and Found

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Premature senility is more common than you’d think. Try taking half an aspirin a day and buying one of those hand-held games consoles that provides a range of mental exercises. However, perhaps your “partner” was deliberately playing tricks on you – either that or he’s got a French mistress.

  • Undoubtedly The Borrowers. They work exactly like that.

  • Ro

    Blame your resident poltergeist. You may not believe in them but it’s probably better than having to face up to the fact that you might be losing your marbles.

    And the good news is you can blame it for so many other domestic mishaps too 🙂